Top Luxury Funktionsschnitt Schiesser 144367

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  • 144-367-100-B.2
Top, Funktionsschnitt (hinten länger als vorne) aus 100% supergekämmter Mako-Baumwolle,... mehr
Top Luxury Funktionsschnitt Schiesser 144367

Top, Funktionsschnitt (hinten länger als vorne) aus 100% supergekämmter Mako-Baumwolle, gestrickt auf speziellen Rundstrickmaschinen, daher ohne störende Seitennähte, mit saumlosen Abschlüssen und Tüll-Stickerei Motiv, in der Farbe weiss.

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Beautifully made, great f...

Beautifully made, great fabric and style....

gute Qualität...

gute Qualität

The quality of the cotton...

The quality of the cotton is outstanding and the lace gives it a very pretty look.

I really like Schiesser tops I recently purchased five of them. I used to be able to buy them in the US but quite some time ago I could no longer find them. Fortunately, there is online shopping. These are great tops - good fit, feel great, and are very well made.

This undershirt is lovely to wear and is perfect. It is soft and beautiful.

this undershirt is pretty, soft and comfortable. The length is long enough to stay tucked in too.

Soft cotton, great shirt. Great customer service!

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